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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Our first post is about the newest, hottest, most indie crediculous rock machine ever invented:

Last night Nithin and I (Courtney) were deliriously tired after spending our evening at the amazing POP Montreal festival and as we were falling asleep we were discussing the future of music and the fact that eventually, in the future, at some point, people will run out of things to play on the currently available instruments (guitar, drums, bass, piano, horns, etc...) and so in order to continue rocking we will have to invent something new and amazing.
Then it hit us...the Queefsaw!
So the Queefsaw is played by a woman (it may be played by a man using the butthole but only a certain type of extremely talented man could master this technique) and what she does is queef onto a bent saw while manipulating it in order to control the vibrations created by the queef, thus producing a beautiful melodic sound.
So simple yet so genius.
We'll take our million dollars now, thank you.

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  1. The only thing I can say is don't let the saw slip. You guys definitely look like you have a lot of fun, I shall follow this.