Marnie Stern is currently touring the US and will be in Europe in Nov/Dec in support of her new self titled album. You can figure out when she is playing near you by going on the myspace: . This is our tour blog, we are Marnie (shredder), Nithin (bass), Vince (drums), Courtney (TM), and Fig (wonderpup). We like to talk about disgusting things and take pictures of ourselves because we feel that obviously everyone would be interested in this.

Thursday, February 17, 2011



We landed in L.A. on Monday and are so excited to be
going on tour with one of our favorite bands: TERA MELOS.
We've been practicing for our first show
that's tomorrow night at The Echo.
Come by if you're in town.

A lot has happened in the 10 weeks we've been home.

Vince got an awesome van which we LOVE!
Nithin has gotten funnier (as if that was even possible).
Marnie has turned into Bette Midler in Ruthless People
and has lost 10 pounds. We expect her to blimp up in the next few weeks,
since we'll be on a steady diet of mcdonald's and taco bell.

Right now she looks like this:

In 2 weeks, she'll look like this:

Vince and Marnie have been staying with Marn's bf Bella.
They've been cooking yummy dinners and going
to earl grey martini parties, and having a great time.

Marn woke up with (what we think is)
a spider bite under her eye.
She thinks it makes her look tougher...
like she got punched in the face...
and more like Rocky Balboa, her idol,
so she is psyched.

We'll post more later once we get the whole gang together!
Stay tuned...


  1. Girl, that first picture is not rock.

  2. Oh Sweetheart you are great! I like your little tummy and thick arms jew girl....;-)