Marnie Stern is currently touring the US and will be in Europe in Nov/Dec in support of her new self titled album. You can figure out when she is playing near you by going on the myspace: . This is our tour blog, we are Marnie (shredder), Nithin (bass), Vince (drums), Courtney (TM), and Fig (wonderpup). We like to talk about disgusting things and take pictures of ourselves because we feel that obviously everyone would be interested in this.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Being in a touring band isn't always about sex, drugs, and rock n roll.
Sometimes you have to uphold your civic responsibility as
an American patriot and celebrate those national holidays that
really count. That's why we made sure to stop at IHOP on
March 1st for National Pancake Day. Free pancakes!

Our friend Josh from Deerhunter was sweet enough
to come to our Atlanta show, even though he was jet lagged.
We tried to put him on the guest list, but he ended up paying anyways.
I guess that's how it goes when you're NLS (Next Level Shit!)

Dog blog continues....

Back at The Red Palace in D.C.

Guess this cat's out of the bag...
He even met mama stern.
The bands have started referring to
Marnie and Evan as Teenage Dream

These were the only two people at The Raleigh show. J/K
It was actually the most enthusiastic crowd of the tour, so far.
Everyone was singing along. Thanks Raleigh!!!!

Nick from Tera Melos in mid bromance with Nithin

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  1. Marnie--
    Your show was incredible, and I was fortunate enough to be up against the stage right in front of your mic the whole time. Meant to talk to you after but got too shy. What I wanted to say was just thank you so much for coming to sleepy old Raleigh. It's too bad that Zach couldn't be there but I do dig your backing band for this tour. I am deep into your new album, it resonates with me in a very personal way and is helping me out during some hard times. Also it just sounds really god damn good. Hope you are doing well and that you'll come back to the area soon. You are a true inspiration.